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Winchbottom Shoot, Carrington Estate, Marlow

Shoot Day Services recently hosted a full team of Norwegian sportsmen at Lord Carrington’s Estate, Winchbottom near Marlow. Most of the team were new to the sport and of very limited experience, however this did not prevent them from having a memorable day, experiencing one of England’s oldest pastimes . This estate is ideally located for those people wishing to shoot in close proximity to London and despite this the landscape was extremely picturesque and made for challenging birds. The day mainly comprised partridge however a few early pheasants graced the bag along with the odd pigeon. This successful day out was orchestrated by head keeper James Bruno and hosted by Lord Carrington himself. A lovely meal of beef stew and sticky toffee pudding was provided which met with great approval. The day was made all the more interesting by one of the loaders being no less than Mick Rouse, former world champion sporting clay shooter who was given the opportunity to demonstrate his prowess on the last drive.

Stoke Edith, Herefordshire November, 2016

Today, Shoot Day Services were at the beautiful Stoke Edith Estate in Herefordshire assisting to host the day for a group of 10 guns, all individuals who had come together for a days shooting from all parts of the country….some as far afield as Sweden! It is true to say that the recent weather has not favoured shooting driven game as it has been far too mild and sunny. The birds tend not to be where the keeper wants them to be and often wander far away from the cover from where it is hoped to flush them. As the weather gets colder they tend to favour foraging around the cover crops and woodland which helps greatly. Despite the unhelpful weather, Head keeper, Dan, produced the goods and the target bag of 300 was exceeded despite the adverse conditions. Five drives were shot including Little Oaks which produced some cracking birds and all guns gave a good account of themselves. This shoot can produce high birds in abundance whilst at the same time catering for those who are not qute so competent at dropping those long-tailed specs gliding overhead! A great day was had by all which finished with a fine meal in “The Long Room”. Highly recommended as a venue for full teams or single guns.

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