Firearms Licensing UK

Shoot Day Services can offer comprehensive advice on:

  • Firearms licensing and the law relating to the possession of firearms and explosives
  • certificate applications
  • police powers regarding certificate revocation and the imposition of conditions

Simon Thompson was senior firearms licensing officer with the London Metropolitan Police. He is highly qualified to give advice on current legislation appertaining to the lawful possession of shotguns and firearms in the U.K. Simon is happy to liaise with licensing authorities on behalf of our clients who are experiencing problems with certificate grants, renewals or revocations. With our vast experience in the preparation of cases for court and the protocols essential to obtain a successful outcome we are perfectly placed to assist clients in the unfortunate event of a prosecution being brought or revocation imposed.
Whether you require informal advice on firearms licensing in the UK, assistance with an ongoing application or representation at court please contact Shoot Day Services whereupon we will be happy to provide a free initial consultation.

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