Import and Export Services for Shotguns and Firearms

Shoot Day Services are fully licensed by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (B.I.S.) for the importation of all shotguns and section 1 firearms.

Whether you are visiting the UK from within the EU or elsewhere we are happy to advise on the protocol for bringing your firearms into the UK and to give you a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. As licensed importers this task can be undertaken quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss. If you are bringing firearms or shotguns into the UK on a permanent basis it will be necessary to apply for an individual import licence.

These guns should be declared to customs at the port of entry as import duty, plus VAT, may be applicable. If you are only visiting the UK. with your firearms or shotguns it should be sufficient to apply for a visitor’s UK shotgun permit which will allow you to possess the guns whilst in the UK for the duration of your visit.  Shoot Day Services are happy to undertake the application procedure for both options.

Being centrally located in the UK Shoot Day Services is ideally situated to assist with the importation and export of shotguns and firearms via all UK airports in a speedy and efficient manner. We regularly assist UK residents with the importation of guns which they may have purchased abroad. We are happy to advise with the required procedure in order to ensure they are reunited with their firearms as quickly as possible.

Contact us on 07957 109003 to find out more about our services