Specialist Drivers and Close Protection

Irrespective of whether or not you are participating in shooting in the U.K. you may require a highly skilled and qualified driver also capable of fulfilling a discreet close protection/minding role. Shoot Day Services have at their disposal a pool of extremely highly skilled and experienced personnel from both police and military backgrounds. We will be happy to quote for such a service upon knowing your requirements.


Storage and Shotgun Courier Service Combined for 2019

Why not consider storing your guns with Shoot Day Services throughout the shooting season and letting us deliver them to the location of your days game shooting. This is intended to be a bespoke gun courier service to meet specific requirements. We would also be happy to organise their safe return to our secure storage facility leaving you worry-free and able to enjoy the days hospitality to the full! Likewise if you prefer to fly to your destination and do not relish the hassle of clearing your guns through customs then let us arrange delivery for you. Whatever your gun courier and transport requirements are, we have a solution and are happy to help.

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