UK Visitor Permits

UK visitor shotgun and firearms permits must be held by sportmen wishing to possess and use their own weapons whilst visiting the UK. A UK visitor shotgun permit and UK visitor firearm permit also allow the purchase of shotgun and firearm ammunition respectively under certain conditions. Applications for UK visitor permits must be sponsored by a U.K. resident and may be made on behalf of an individual or group. Permits are valid for a maximum of 12 months.

Applications from residents of EU member states must be accompanied by an original valid European Firearms Pass and for those residing outside the E.U. it is normally sufficient to provide a copy of any current firearm certificate, hunting licence or membership card of a shooting organisation issued by their country of residence.

Shoot Day Services are experienced in sponsoring successful applications for UK visitor shotgun permits and  UK firearm permits subject to the provision of all necessary paperwork. This procedure can be lengthy and it is recommended that a minimum of 8-10 weeks’ notice is given to ensure timely issue. Our fee for this is £100.00 per individual application.

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