Section 5 Firearms Dealers

Shoot Day Services, based in the west Midlands, are Section 5 Firearms Dealers. We are licensed by the Home Office to possess, store and transport all Section 5 Prohibited Weapons including revolvers, semi-automatic pistols and self-loading rifles. We offer a discreet and professional service to all our clients and are happy to quote for any assignment ranging from the transport of a single item to the storage of large collections of firearms. Security of these items whilst in transit is clearly of paramount importance and all available measures are put in place to ensure this.

Whether you require our services as Section 5 Firearms Dealers solely within the UK or are an overseas client wishing to arrange the import, transport and storage of a variety of section 5 prohibited weapons we are able to cater for your needs.  We can facilitate all documentation relating to the import and export of revolvers, semi-automatic pistols and self-loading rifles and all other prohibited weapons thus ensuring their smooth passage through UK customs.

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke, efficient service as Section 5 Firearms Dealers, which represents value for money without the forfeiture of quality and professionalism.

Section 5 prohibited weapons are classified into 16 categories depending on their type. The most common types being the following:

  • section 5(1)(a) fully automatic weapons
  • section 5(1)(ab) self-loading or pump-action rifles except those chambered for .22 rimfire cartridges
  • section 5(1)(aba) handguns other than air guns, muzzle loaders, signalling apparatus or long barrelled pistols
  • section 5(1A)(a) any firearm which is disguised as another object

We serve London and the whole UK.

Further Information:
Section 5 – Firearm licensing ( website)

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